3D Rendering

Understanding the Process

3D Rendering refers to the process of creating a photo-realistic image using computer software. Renders are used to show what a designer has planned, and this can be on the inside, or the outside. Renders can be of interiors or exteriors of a house, a shop, or even an entire building. If you want to really show your customers what a property can or will look like, then 3D renders provide an element of realism long before that vision is a reality.

The 3D Render Phases:

1. Clay Draft

We will send you a first draft showing the property, land layout, camera angle, and the clay model of the structure for your to review. Any changes to the camera angle must be advised at this stage or additional charges will apply. Any other elements of the render that need to be changed can be advised at this stage.

Clay Draft of a 3D render

2. Colour Draft

We will make the requested revisions and this second draft will show the colours, textures, and landscaping. Again, you may request changes and updates to this draft without additional charges (with the exception of perspective changes)

3D Render colour draft example

3. Final Draft

We will provide you with a final colour draft reflecting the previously requested changes. If you have further revisions at this point, additional fees apply.

3D render final draft example

4. Hi-Res Finished Render

Once you have confirmed the brief has been met, we will provide you with a high-resolution render. At this stage, any changes or additional outputs will incur additional fees.

3D render final Hi-resolution image