• Introduction
  • Videography
  • External Renders
  • 3D Apartment Tours
  • 360 Drone Floor Views
  • Internal Renders
  • Floor Plans

Introducing Habitat

Habitat is a development project that is due to be completed late 2022. But with the help of All Property Media, RE/MAX Regency real estate have brought the property to life to generate expressions of interest and property appraisals.

Re/Max, Habitat Chevron Islant


External 3D Renders

Day/Night 3D render of Habitat

Whether it is for a commercial fit-out, commercial real estate staging, or to visualise your next architectual design project, we have a 3D Render to suit your needs.

Habitat required a captivating and bold visualisation to encapsulate the modern and uncompromising architectual design that the developers were striving for. It was important to show Habitat as being part of the culturally diverse village atmosphere that the Island is known for, while mantaining the elegance, sophisticated design, and bespoke nature of the boutique development.


Please keep in mind, none of the apartments are actually built let alone furnished yet, what you’re seeing is completely computer generated virtual tours of the Habitat Apartments before they even exist.


Internal Renders

3D Floor Plans