Chevron Island

Habitat is an architecturally designed apartment complex which offers 37 apartments over 8 levels. Developed by The Sutherland Property Group, Habitat has utilised 3D renders, 360° render virtual tours, 360° rotating floor views, video and floor plans.

Photo Realistic Renders

3D Renders

Immersive Interaction

360° Render Virtual Tour

A 360° rendered virtual tour is THE interactive property marketing tool. It allows potential buyers to immerse themselves in an interactive walk though of a property before construction has even begun!

Appartment A

Appartment B

Appartment D

Appartment F

Appartment H

Next Level Marketing

Rotating Floor View

The multi-level, 360° rotating floor view provides unparalleled access to the potential views from any vantage point. This interactive display lets you select any floor, zoom in and our on the scenery and is guaranteed to take your property media to the next level!

Bring It All Together


Media Marketing Staple

Floor Plans

You can visit the developers website online at habitatgc.sutherlandgroup.com.au