Whether you are a real estate agency or a private seller, All Property Media can give you that competitive advantage.  If you are looking for the best way to display your property, look no further.

Aerial videos and photography are a necessity to attract potential buyers and help close the deal. Stand out from the competition with our drone services! Drones can capture footage of homes, residential and commercial buildings in a manner that gives you a serious advantages in selling your property; these include:

Short “fly over” videos of house exteriors provide a more interactive experience for potential purchasers than traditional photographs.

Interior drone footage which makes a great first impression.

Our drones uses the latest technology and can create professional, high quality videos that are sure to impress.

High quality drone footage sets your property apart from other sellers.

We can deliver excellent high-resolution digital images that set your home within the surrounding area. If you are near the beach, for example, seeing your home in that context can be the difference between selling or losing the sale. In addition, we can show nearby schools, shopping centres, parks etc in a way that’s indescribable!

Sovereign Island - Aerial Drone Photography
Professional Drone Photography & Videography

We can provide pictures on a CD or DVD, USB, or electronically through our website or shared dropboxes.

We can also provide 360 degree wraparound videos.

We also upload our drone footage to Youtube, significantly improving your online exposure to potential buyers.

In this COVID era there has never been a better time to harness the power of digital ‘open houses’ with drone footage and virtual tours. Savvy buyers are increasingly doing their research online – do not get left behind; start creating dramatic and engaging aerial video and images today.

Labrador - Aerial Drone Photography

You can beat the competition with engaging footage and unique images that can only be taken from the air. Photos and video can be taken at various angles and heights, leaving Real Estate competitors who rely on conventional camera and video for dead. Our compelling video and images will create more interest in properties, leading to more sales and edging out other Real Estate Agents.

Drone footage is the glue sticks a property presentation together